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Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review - Read This Before Buying!

Saturday, 23 June 2012 10:22 by Admin
Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review - Read This Before Buying!

Update (26th October) - We just did an interview with the guide's creator. Click here to jump to it!


Diablo 3 Gold Secrets was one of the very first guides to surface for Diablo 3, a must have for anyone who wishes to make some serious money in Diablo 3.


As you all know by now, Diablo 3 features a Real Money Auction House (RMAH for short) that allows players to make real money from playing the game!


Diablo 3 Gold Secrets is written by Markco Polo (his real name is Chris Anthony), an expert in the field of gold making that has already demonstrated his power over the Auction House by his very successful World of Warcraft guide. Markco was one of the very first to achieve millionaire status on WoW and is the founder of the number 1 site for making gold in WoW, Since then Markco has sold his WoW site and moved on to the Diablo 3 scene, where he intends to be even more successful.


The most commonly asked question when looking at these type of products is whether or not this is a scam. Let me tell you one thing, all of the guides promoted on this website are managed by Clickbank at the higher level, which has been around for ages and is a very respectable company. If this doesn’t make you feel secure, you should know that all items purchased from Clickbank have a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. This means that if you somehow feel the tips and tools contained in this guide are not working for you, or that they are not worth their price tag, you can request a full refund. The only requirement for this refund is that you have to wait 24 hours after purchasing the guide.


Let us start our Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review.


The guide itself isn't actually a PDF file, but is actually the website itself. What I mean is that when you make your purchase, you receive a login that is used to access the member's only area of the site. The benefit of this approach is that the content is regularly updated unlike regular PDF guides which are static. New videos, walkthroughs, tips, etc are added very regularly to make sure the guide stays effective through the patches. The proper word to describe this guide is snowball, because it gains more content the longer it goes (just like a snowball gets bigger the longer it rolls).

Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Login
Diablo 3 Gold Secrets is split into 3 different sections, as detailed below:


Starter Cash

In the first stage of the guide, you are thought how to effectively farm your "starting gold" so that you can get started as an Auction House trader! You always need capital for everything you do, and playing the Auction House is no different! Even though this stage of the guide has the least effective tips (remember, the main aim is playing the Auction House), you will probably still make more gold than what you are making right now.


Novice Auctioneer

In the second stage you get to the meat of the guide, which is how to manipulate the Auction House to get rich. This portion of the guide will teach you how to work the gold you initially farmed in stage 1, and also how to successfully farm items that make a killing on the Auction House. "Spend money to make money" is the proper phrase to be said for this section.


Pro Auctioneer

The pinnacle of Diablo 3 Gold Secrets is it's third stage, which will teach you how to refine the skills you learned in stage 2. Here you will make use of advanced techniques such as:

  • Playing both Auction Houses simultaneously
  • Making money from crafting items, using cycles
  • How to make money off of patch changes

This stage also includes advanced spreadsheets that you can use to make gold making decisions.


More specifics can be found on the official website.

Diablo 3 Auction House Viewer

The most exclusive part of this guide that is not available anywhere else is the Auction House Viewer, an online tool available only to Diablo 3 Gold Secrets members that allows you to find good deals to target as well as take note of Auction House trends. The best part about this tool is that you do not need to download anything, it is purely web based so you automatically get every update instantly. The Auction House Viewer is still in development, but many great features are planned for it like email notifications, which will send you an email when profitable deals are found ensuring you stay up to date.


Update: The Auction House Viewer has been discontinued due to problems with Diablo 3's Terms of Service. For more information please see the interview we did below.

Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum

Besides the core guide described in the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review above, there is also an optional VIP forum that is moderated by a group of Auction House experts hand picked by Markco. This forum is filled with so much information, it’s like getting 2 guides for the price of one! The Auction House experts frequently share their own tips and tricks for making gold in Diablo 3. Not only that, but you can talk with over 600 other guide-owners and learn from them as well.


The forum is also a great way to get direct help for a particular situation. You do this simply by starting a new thread and waiting for one of Auction House experts to answer you.


The VIP forum is an optional monthly subscription, but you get 3 months free when purchasing the guide.


You must be thinking that all of this must cost a fortune. The guide’s original price is $47, but if you act right now you can get it for $24! That’s right, it is being offered right now at a 50% discount. Let us recap what you get for $24:

  • Lifetime access to the guide (worth $47)
  • Lifetime access to the Auction House Viewer (worth $37)
  • 3 months free VIP forum membership (worth $21)


If you count the value of the full package, you will find that you are saving a whopping $81! You might want to act now if you intend to purchase this guide, as Markco is planning a price increase very soon. What are you waiting for? Get the guide now!


Not only can you get the guide at a discount, but the guide will pay for itself in a very short time. Even if at a minimum, the guide allows you to make $5 an hour, you will get your money back after just 5 hours of playing Diablo 3! This also means you could potentially make $200 a month, assuming you play 5 hours a week, just by playing the game.


The funny thing is that you could end up paying more by not purchasing the guide. Most players will at some point try to make money from the RMAH. Let's face it, we all want to stay home playing a computer game all day. However most people lack the knowledge necessary for such a task, and end up WASTING a lot more than $24 before learning how to properly do it. With this guide, you will have the advantage right at the start and you don't need to spend money experimenting.


Markco has also done a video interview with Sixen (the founder of which can be found here. A text interview with can be found here.

If you still need convincing, you can check out the following video narrated by Markco himself where he explains how the guide works:

We hope you enjoyed our Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review. If you are interested in buying the guide, click here.



EasyDiablo3 was given the chance to do an interview with Chris Anthony, the world famous gold making guru! Here it is:


Hi Chris, thanks for doing this interview with us. To start things off, I would like to talk to you about your previous World of Warcraft gold guide. What was the main reason you moved from your very successful WoW guide to your new Diablo 3 guide?

The pleasure is all mine, especially since I enjoy the calculators on your website (dps, witch doctor pets, etc). To answer your question, I didn’t move from WoW to Diablo 3. I actually had quit MMO blogging all together after the WoW site was sold, but eventually decided to get back just as Diablo 3’s RMAH was announced. I realized then and there that Diablo 3 was going to be an incredibly fun experiment in MMO economies. Making money playing a video game is an exhilarating experience and I’m very happy to be back blogging about it.

I understand that your guide is updated with every patch. Can you tell us a bit about what you added for patch 1.0.5?

The Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide isn’t just updated every patch. It’s updated every week as a minimum. Sometimes I’ll have a bunch of videos I can’t wait to show and they end up on the front page of the guide a few days apart. If there’s something to update (especially with a patch) then I’m adding the content to the guide, period. For patch 1.0.5, it’s all about dropping old strategies and migrating to new ones. We’ve been discovering these new markets in the forum section of the guide, but I also prepared for this by getting people into Legendary items during patch 1.0.4. Now most of the members are pretty good at flipping Legendaries, which in turn is exactly what players are trying to upgrade to currently. Some changes to the auction house were also covered in the guide, but I consider them minor compared to the Legendary Selling Blueprint that was added towards the end of 1.0.4.

Continuing on patch 1.0.5, what were the most important changes Blizzard implemented that effected you?

Monster Power is by far the most important change. This allows you to farm not just level 60, but also low level areas far more efficiently. Sometimes I think players forget that the low level crafting materials are pretty expensive. And have you looked at the cost of a level 10 rare? More expensive than the vast majority of your loot at level 60. Learning to tweak monster power (the best players seem to like settling on MP 8) is something that we’re trying to master currently. I expect to have a guide update on monster power and gearing your character in the future. All in all, magic find as a stat is becoming more and more useless by the minute.

Can you tell us a bit about the state of the Auction House Viewer and what are your plans for future development?

That had to be scrapped due to issues with Blizzard’s TOS. The account that was using the auction house viewer was banned, and the owner of it decided to stop developing it for the community. Since then it has been removed from our radar and it’s not something I plan on ever developing at this point.

For the average gamer, how much time would they need to invest when using your guide to start making money?

You can go from 100,000 gold to 1,000,000 gold probably in 24 hours. Once you have a few million, you can start doubling your money every “48 hour cycle”. That is about the length of time it takes you to do the following:

  • Buy an item from gold AH
  • Sell the item on RMAH
  • Buy back gold with the earnings on RMAH

That three part cycle will double your money if you know what you’re doing. I went from 14 million to 34 million to 72 million in three of these cycles. Most of which is covered in videos for the guide!

Continuing on the previous point, what is the average $ per month a player can expect to make when using this guide?

Most players just keep their money until it hits around $200 and then they cash out. Others keep reinvesting so that they have a giant pile of gold instead of real money. I’m not sure what the average person makes, but I know that there are several members who earned over a thousand dollars per month since release. You can do whatever you choose with the information in this guide. Some never ever cash out to Paypal!

Your forums seem to be very popular. Can you tell us a little more about them? How many members are there currently?

There are 1863 paying members and there is literally no way to know who’s active at the moment. Since the forum is pay as you go (after the initial 3 months of free time you get when you start) I cannot tell who has the forum “turned on” and who’s waiting for the next patch to join back in. I would say that there are probably 200 people active on any one day, and less than half leave a post during that 24 hour time period. Those that do post are frequent users and they make up the core of our community.  There are green posters (expert admins) and purple posters (blog contributors) who help out with running the forum and contribute greatly to its content.

Are there any big features planned for this guide in the future?

Yes, legendary weapon flipping guide (we currently have every single piece of legendary armor), PvP, and Monster Power. Besides these major updates that are coming, I try to add videos and podcasts whenever I find something new that is worth mentioning.


Thanks for letting me talk with you. Good luck on the auction house!


Interested in getting this guide? Click here!

Comments (6) -

September 29. 2012 05:43


Do you know if this guide is going to be updated for patch 1.0.5?

By Matt | Lao P.D.R.



September 29. 2012 06:16


It got updated with every patch so far so I assume yes, it will get updated for patch 1.0.5.

You can always try emailing the creator just to be sure.

By Admin | Malta


October 3. 2012 09:52


One of the best guides out there, period!

This was actually the first guide I got for any game and was skeptical at first, but it is updated regularly like the review says. It doesn't cost all that much anyway, 27 bucks is nothing compared to what you make in-game with this baby.

If you wanna make money get this guide, or don't. I don't really care Tong.

By Brolly | United States



October 3. 2012 10:33


Exactly. The guide paid for itself in a very short time for me Smile. Looks like it worked the same for you.

Thanks for reading our reviews.

By Admin | Malta


October 5. 2012 11:00


Chris Anthony is a game-economy genius!

By TheWolf | United States



October 5. 2012 11:34


Couldn't have said it better myself Smile.

By Admin | Malta



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