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The Truth Behind the "Athene Hacked" Story

Saturday, 14 July 2012 07:24 by Admin
The Truth Behind the "Athene Hacked" Story

If you are a regular reader here at EasyDiablo3, or just follow gaming news in general, you may have heard of Athene. He is a pro gamer that is known for his cocky attitude and his many great gaming achievements. For example, he was the first player to reach level 60 in Diablo 3, which we already covered over at our Diablo 3 First to Level 60 post. He also has the highest DPS Demon Hunter in the game so far, which thanks to donations from his stream's viewers, has gear that costs 300 million.


Athene, like many pro gamers, hosts live streams where people can see him play live. This is a normal thing done by many and it is a way for them to earn income doing what they love. However sometime in June, Athene's 300 million Demon Hunter got hacked! Or did he?


It all started with a live stream as usual. The Battle.Net server went down and like many other gamers Athene continually typed his password hoping to get back into the server. He eventually got bored of typing it and started to copy and paste it. Now here is the good part. While streaming to 8,000 viewers live, Athene accidentally pasted his password in the username box.


Athene tried to do the obvious and change his password before anyone could log in, but since the Battle.Net servers where down he could not do so. The stream went black for about 2 hours where Athene called Blizzard support and was able to get back into his account, only to find that all his gear had been sold, all his gold had been taken, and his character was left with the following trolls:

From this point, Athene took some of his alternative gear from his stash and started to attempt Diablo on Inferno, dying over and over again.


But what really happened? Did he really get hacked?


The truth is, Athene really did accidentally paste his password, and someone did attempt to log into his account, but by doing so the account was automatically locked. Athene secured his account before anything was stolen thanks to Blizzard support. The massive troll started when Athene gave all his gear and money to his friend Malaco, and acted like he was hacked. The truth is, Athene's 300 million Demon Hunter didn't loose a single item. After some failed Diablo attempts Athene's stream went black again and came back with Athene having his full gear, plus a troll face.


So the question is, why did he do this? Besides the massive lulz, this also caused Athene's stream to go viral, increasing his viewers from 8,000 to 16,000! Now more viewers = revenue, so you know where this is going, but before you hate on the guy, know that he donated a LOT of real money to charity thanks to his stream.


Here is a video explaining what happened:

Information was taken from this forum thread.

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July 30. 2012 05:06


I love you Athene XD

By Vizier | Greece



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