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The Full Diablo 3 Story

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 05:50 by Admin
The Full Diablo 3 Story

For people that played Diablo 3 but skipped the whole story, this is for you. In this post you will find the full storyline of Diablo 3 starting from Act 1 to Act 4, including the cutscenes.


Note: This post contains major spoilers! If you don't want to spoil the Diablo 3 story, stop reading now!


Diablo 3 is split into 4 Acts with each Act having a specific target. Each act also has an ending cutscene that is the same for each class, and many sub-cutscenes that are narrated by your chosen class. This post will take a look at the general story of Diablo 3 and will not talk about the class specific stories. Let's start, shall we?


Act 1

Diablo 3 starts out with your character arriving at New Tristram after finding out about the fallen star. After fending off a zombie attack at the front gate, the hero talks to Leah finding out that Deckard Cain is still trapped in the Cathedral. Leah is then attacked by more zombies and the hero offers his help in culling them. The hero sets out to kill the Wretched Queen and the Wretched Mothers that are spawning more zombies. After this is done, the hero returns to Leah where he tells her he will find Deckard Cain.


Leah explains to the hero that the Cathedral was locked by Captain Daltyn in an attempt to seal the zombies inside, but they where ambushed and killed close to Adria's hut. They must first retrieve the key if they are to enter the Cathedral. The hero along with Leah journey to Adria's hut where they find Captain Daltyn and his guards transformed into zombies. The zombies are killed and the key is retrieved, but Leah decides to stay here to learn her mother's secrets.

The hero proceeds to the first level of the Cathedral where he battles through the zombies until he finds Deckard Cain. Cain was being attacked by skeletons but the hero quickly dispatches them. The hero and Cain then exit through a hidden passage and return to New Tristram, where Cain is reunited with Leah.


Cain tells the player of Leoric's crown which is needed to access the lower levels of the Cathedral and kill the Skeleton King. The player seeks out the Blacksmith in order to find out the location of the crown, but the Blacksmith has troubles of his own. The Blacksmith's wife has been infected and must be put down, but he claims he cannot kill his own wife. The hero offers aid, and kill the zombies for him.


After the deed is done the Blacksmith explains how the crown was buried with his grandfather, who served as the chancellor for King Leoric. The chancellor was buried in the Weeping Hollow, and so the hero sets off to find the crown. After the hero reaches the crown, he comes face to face with Chancellor Eamon's ghost who seeks to stop the hero from taking the crown, not knowing his true intentions. After killing the ghost and taking the crown, the hero returns to the Blacksmith who repairs the crown. At this point, the Blacksmith starts to offer his service to the player.

King Leoric's Crown

The hero then returns to the Cathedral and descends into the second level. After killing a host of demons, the hero eventually reaches the third level of the Cathedral. As soon as he enters, he finds cultists doing a ritual on a warrior. The hero rushes to the warrior's aid and kills the cultists. The hero then helps the warrior find his stolen equipment, where he reveals that he is actually a Templar that came to kill the betrayer, Jondar. After finding and killing Jondar, the Templar offers his help to the hero in vanquishing the Skeleton King.


After reaching the Royal Crypts and killing the Skeleton King, the hero descends to the site where the Fallen Star has fallen and finds the Stranger, whom he carries back to town. The Stranger remembers nothing of his past or how he fell from the sky, but remembers that his sword broke in 3 pieces and got scattered. Judging by the recent troubles coming from the Khazra at the Fields of Misery, the hero goes there to find the first piece of the sword. It is here that the hero finds out that Maghda, the leader of the Coven, also seeks the 3 pieces of the sword. After killing Maghda's minions and retrieving the first fragment of the sword, the hero returns to Deckard Cain.


The second fragment of the sword fell in the Drowned Temple. The hero knows this because Maghda mistakenly revealed it in her arrogance. As the hero journeys to this location, he comes across the Scoundrel. The hero helps the Scoundrel fend off an attack by the Thieves Guild, and then together proceed to the original destination. Upon reaching the temple, the hero find Alaric standing guard at the entrance. He tells the hero that in order to access the temple, he needs to first retrieve two objects of power from Festering Woods. These objects are:

  • Beacon of Honor located in Warrior's Rest
  • Beacon of Light located in the Crypt of the Ancients


After retrieving these objects, the hero is granted access into the temple where he has to battle ancient Nephalem defenders before being allowed next to the shard. The hero emerges victorious, and secures the second shard as well. After returning to Deckard Cain with the shard, he explains how the Stranger has remembered that the last fragment fell in Wortham. Wortham is in flames, which is a clear indication that the cultists are already trying to take it.


The hero talks to the Ferryman and gets transported to Wortham, where he is instantly greeted by the Cultists. After reaching the Chapel (which is where the final fragment is located), the hero finds that it has already been taken by Maghda, and that she has captured Deckard Cain.


Bonus: By reading the tomes scattered around the game, you find out that the cultists had actually tortured some townsfolk to learn the location of this fragment. This is how they where able to get to it before the hero.


The hero returns to New Tristram and goes into Cain's house, where he finds Maghda trying to force Cain to combine the fragments into the sword. He refuses to do so, and she blasts him with her spell. She then takes the Stranger hostage and leaves, leaving Deckard Cain for dead. Before he dies however, Cain forges the sword into it's original form.


The hero must now chase after Maghda and rescue the Stranger. Leah was able to read Maghda's mind just before she left, so she knows that Maghda is heading to King Leoric's Mansion. The hero traverses the Caverns of Araneae, kills the Spider Queen, and emerges in the Southern Highlands. Here, the hero must find the stolen Khazra staff in order to pass through the Khazra barricade. After doing so, the hero mows through the massive amount of Khazra until he reaches the mansion. The mansion is already infested with cultists whom the hero finds are casting some sort of ritual on the Stranger. The hero interrupts them but not before Maghda escapes once again with the Stranger into the depths of King Leoric's torture dungeon.

Diablo 3 Dungeon

The hero now seeks to reach the bottom of the torture dungeon, which is a massive structure filled with skeletons and other demons. While doing so the hero comes across the ghost of King Leoric's queen, who asks the hero to release the ghosts of her old servants. The hero does so, and continues on to reach the end. Things take a twist for the worst however as the hero is trapped inside a room with the Butcher by Maghda. After the hero kills the Butcher he proceeds deeper to find the Stranger being tormented once again by the cultists. The hero kills them, and quickly gives the sword to the Stranger before he dies. It is here that the Stranger gains his power back, remembering that he is in fact Tyrael (one of the Archangels of the High Heavens).

Diablo 3 Tyrael

Now that New Tristram is safe, the hero sets course for Caldeum (which Belial has already taken control of).


Act 2

The hero and his caravan set up outside Caldeum in a place correctly named "Hidden Camp". The hero makes haste to Caldeum where he meets Asheara, the leader of the Iron Wolves. The hero asks her about the location of Maghda, and she tells him she went to Alcarnus. The main road to Alcarnus is blocked however, and the hero has to take the long road through the Khasim Outpost to reach her. Leah will not accompany the hero, but instead infiltrate the King's palace to learn more. As the hero starts his journey, he meets the Enchantress who offers to help the hero see past the Cultist's disguises. With the help of the Enchantress, the hero destroys the 2 ritual sites used by the cultists to sustain their magic, and moves closer to his goal.

Diablo 3 Enchantress

Upon reaching the Khasim Outpost the hero finds that things are suspiciously quiet. The hero is instructed by the watch commander to talk to the captain, located in the basement, if he wants to access the road to Alcarnus. Upon entering the basement, the hero is instantly ambushed by Belial's minions. After killing them, he rescues the real Iron Wolves from the cages and proceeds to kill the other imposters found outside.


The hero now starts the final part of his journey to Alcarnus. Upon reaching the city, the hero starts killing the Cultists and demons, while rescuing the caged prisoners. The hero finally finds Maghda's lair, and ends her evil forever.

Diablo 3 Maghda

Upon arriving back at Caldeum the hero is told by Tyrael that Leah has been captured while on her infiltration mission. With the help of Asheara the hero is able to access the palace, where he is attacked by Belial's minions. The hero dispatches them and leaves with Leah who tells him that they must quickly go to the sewers. Down here, the hero and Leah navigate the sewers until they finally manage to find the Wretched Pit, the place where Adria (Leah's mother) is being interrogated by Belial's minions. The hero rescues here and they leave together to the Hidden Camp.


Adria reveals the the key to beating Belial and Azmodan lies within the Black Soulstone, an ancient artifact crafted by the Horadrim betrayer Zoltun Kulle that can contain the souls of demons. Adria also explains how she spent the last few years inscribing the souls of the already dead Great Evils (Diablo, Mehphisto, etc) so that they would get sucked into the Black Soulstone. The plan is to use the Black Soulstone to trap the remaining 2 evils and then destroy them forever. The problem is that nobody knows where the Black Soulstone is located. The hero must resurrect Zoltun Kulle so that he may reveal the location.

Diablo 3 Zoltun Kulle

When Zoltun Kulle was killed for betraying his Horadric brothers, they took some precautions to make sure he could never be resurrected again. They separated the head from the body, and hid the head within a dungeon. The body was hidden in a "Shadow Realm", a special place created by the Horadrim just for this purpose. In order to unlock the portal to shadow realm, the hero needs 2 vials of Kulle's blood which where also hidden in other dungeons. After the hero goes through the painstakingly long process of getting back Kulle's head and body, Leah casts the spell to bring him back to life. It is during the search for Kulle that the hero meets the Jeweler, who was trapped in a barrel while looking for the Crucible.


Kulle leads the hero to the Black Soulstone's location in his Archives, but attacks the hero when he refused the offer to join with him. After Kulle is killed, the hero (along with Adria and Leah) take the Black Soulstone and proceed to go after Belial.


As soon as Belial learns that the hero possesses the Black Soulstone, he starts to destroy Caldeum. The hero quickly rushes to save as many citizens as possible, avoiding Belial's fireballs along the way.

Diablo 3 Caldeum

When the citizens are rescued the hero fights his way through the Royal Palace until he reaches Emperor Hakan II, or better yet, Belial. A great fight ensues resulting in the hero defeating Belial and trapping his soul in the Black Soulstone.


Now that Caldeum is free, the hero and his caravan make their way to Bastion's Keep.


Act 3

Azmodan has decided to invade, using the ruins of Mount Arreat as the staging point. Bastion's Keep was originally built as a line of defense against the Barbarians of Mount Arreat, where they to invade, but is now the only thing standing between the demons of the Burning Hells and the rest of Sanctuary. The hero makes his way to the keep in order to bolster it's defenses and rally the troops.

Diablo 3 Bastion's Keep

The first task the hero does is light the 5 beacons located on the Bastion's walls. This helps rally the troops and increase their morale. The next priority is to raise the catapults, allowing the soldiers to start fighting back against Azmodan's forces. After helping the soldiers raise the 3 catapults, the hero returns back in to the keep for further orders.


Tyrael warns the hero that something has breached the lower levels of the keep, allowing demons to attack from down under. The hero fights until he reaches the very bottom, and finds that the breach was caused by on of Azmodan's Lieutenants, Ghom.

Diablo 3 Ghom

After a disgusting fight, the hero manages to triumph over the best of gluttony and returns back to the main floor of the keep. As soon as the hero arrives, a soldier rushes to warn him that there are some troubles with the Black Soulstone. The hero goes to see what is going on and finds that Leah is loosing control of the stone, causing shadow demons to emerge. The player fends off the demons until Leah can regain control.


Now that the trouble at the Keep seems to have settled, the hero starts to make his assault on Azmodan's forces. He leaves the keep with the aim of destroying Azmodan's siege machines, which consist of 3 ballistae and 1 trebuchet. After destroying the siege machines the hero makes his way across Rakisk Crossing to get to Azmodan's side of the battlefield, with Tyrael joining the fight. At the far edge of the bridge, the hero comes face to face with a menacing gargantuan known as the Siegebreaker.

Diablo 3 Siegebreaker

After killing the Siegebreaker, Adria teleports to the hero warning him that Leah saw visions of the Towers of Sin. These towers where summoned by Azmodan from his domain to fuel his minions, and are his seat of power. They contain two Hearts of Sin that the player must kill in order to destroy the towers.


As the hero starts to descend into the towers, he keeps getting taunted by another of Azmodan's lieutenants, Cydaea. As the player reaches the first Heart of Sin, Cydaea comes to battle the player but only for a short duration as she escapes quickly after. The hero continues further down the towers until he finds the second (and last) Heart of Sin, but this time Cydaea comes for the hero full blast. After defeating Cydaea and her minions, the Heart is exposed and the hero destroys it.

Diablo 3 Cydaea

The only thing left for the hero to do now is to kill Azmodan. The hero descends further down the tower until he finds the throne room, and Azmodan himself. After defeating Azmodan, the hero returns to Bastion's Keep to celebrate.


It's all over now, the 2 Lesser Evils have been destroyed, and everything is right. Or is it!?


This is where the Diablo 3 story takes a big twist. As soon as the hero returns to the keep, he goes to the location of his party (Tyrael, Leah, etc), to find that Adria has betrayed them all. Adria has cast a binding spell on everyone and is using magic to release the souls trapped within the Black Soulstone, with Leah as the target host. What emerges is Diablo, the Lord of Terror, that now has the other Great Evils contained within him. Diablo promptly creates a portal to the High Heavens to go and destroy it.


Bonus: Adria's had been corrupted by Diablo all along, and the only reason she put the souls into the Black Soulstone was to serve Diablo. It is also revealed through dialog and journal entries that Leah is actually Diablo's daughter. Prince Aidan had killed Diablo and inserted his soulstone into his own forehead, becoming the Dark Wanderer. He had met Adria after these events and they had a baby, Leah. This was also confirmed in the Book of Cain.


Act 4

The hero and Tyrael waste no time and quickly go through the portal after Diablo.  They find that Diablo has already begun destroying the High Heavens, and plans to destroy the Crystal Arch (the place where angels are born). Shortly after arriving at the High Heavens the hero and Tyrael are stopped by Imperius, who warns them not to interfere and blames Tyrael for what happened. This devastates Tyrael as he also blames himself for what happened, and causes him to back out from the fight.


Bonus: This is the first time the Diamond Gates have been breached in the history of Diablo.

Diablo 3 Diamond Gates

The hero moves on without Tyrael, only to promptly come face to face with one of Diablo's lieutenants, Iskatu. After defeating Iskatu and his shadow vermin, the hero continues his journey until he comes across Itherael (Archangel of Fate) who warns the player that Auriel (Archangel of Hope) has been captured Rakanoth. This has caused all the angels of the High Heavens to loose hope, and thus the hero makes it his main priority to free Auriel.


The player battles demons until he eventually finds himself in the Libraries of Fate where Auriel is being held. The hero kills Rakanoth and releases Auriel, restoring hope to the High Heavens. The hero is now told that Diablo is bringing in demons using Hell Rifts which hide in the tumor-like corruptions growing out of the ground. The hero sets out to find these Hell Rifts, and seals them. With hope restored to the High Heavens and Diablo's minion supply cut off, the only thing left to do now is to kill the big man himself.


The hero is now rejoined by Tyrael as they push further on to stop Diablo. They are stopped once again by Imperius who warns them that he will kill them if he sees them again. This does not discourage them however, as they keep moving on. On the way up to Diablo, the hero comes across many familiar visions such as Leah, Eamon's Wife, etc, that erupt into demons when spoken to. This is a tactic employed by Diablo to try to scare the player away. The hero finally manages to climb the Silver Spire and now finds himself in the Great Span, ever so close to Diablo. As the hero continues his last efforts to reach Diablo, his is faced with Izual. Izual was the most trusted lieutenant of Tyrael, but was corrupted while on a mission in the Burning Hells.

Diablo 3 Izual

The hero has no choice but to destroy this monstrosity, and keeps on moving. As the hero crosses the second level of the Great Span, he encounters Imperius once again. Before Imperius can attack the player, he and all other angels loose their power. This is a sign that Diablo has already begun to corrupt the Crystal Arch, and the hero quickly rushes to face Diablo.


The fight is a long and hard one with the hero even being taken to the Realm of Terror, but Diablo eventually falls. With the High Heavens safe once again the bond between Angels and Nephalem is reforged. Tyrael rejoins his brothers, but this time as a mortal.

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