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Our Comprehensive Diablo 3 Talonz Guide Review

Saturday, 11 August 2012 09:50 by Admin
Our Comprehensive Diablo 3 Talonz Guide Review

If you are anything like me, then buying things online is never an easy chore. While some people just click the "buy" button as soon as they see something shiny, we tend to scour the internet for reviews on said product before making a decision. Considering how many scams exist on the internet, this is the only logical thing to do. If you are here, they are probably looking at what the Talonz Guide has to offer.


In this Diablo 3 Talonz Guide review you will find an in-depth analysis of what you can expect from the guide, but first off, let me answer a little question many of you may be asking.


"Is Diablo 3 Talonz Guide a scam?"


Hell no! If you are unaware of who manages this guide (along with all the other guides shown on this website), it is ClickBank. ClickBank is a highly respected company that has been around for a very long time. One of the many policies they enforce on all of their products is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) you do not like the guide or feel it isn't worth the admission price, just file for a refund and get your money back. It's that simple!


If you were only worried about getting scammed, you can click here to buy the guide for just $9.95. If you want a full review, read ahead!

Diablo 3 Barbarian Slash

Now that we got that out of the way, let's delve into the guide shall we?


While some guides tend to focus on the gold making aspects, or the leveling aspects, Talonz Guide is an all rounder guide (also called a Master Guide) that focuses on all aspects of the game. Inside the guide you will find the combined knowledge of 3 of the top Battle.Net players that go by the names of Talonz, Dusk, and Shokz. A very cool aspect of this guide is that content comes in two different formats:

  • Text format packed with screenshots and very detailed information
  • Or 720p HD video format that is narrated by Dusk, Shokz, or both!


Want to see how these videos look? Here is a free preview:

Does this peak your interest? Buy the guide here at just $9.95!


Want a little bit more information on the authors? Here it is:

  • Talonz - Has been playing the Diablo games for over 10 years and is a top arena player in World of Warcraft.
  • Dusk - Long time Diablo and Starcraft player. He is also Shok'z 2v2 partner in Starcraft 2.
  • Shokz - Wrote the famous Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide. He also holds a high position in the StarCraft II Grandmaster League Rankings and is an avid Diablo 3 player. His real name is John Greenhoe.


We already mentioned that this guide covers all aspects of Diablo 3, but what does "all" mean? Here is what the guide covers:


Leveling Guide

Talonz Guide provides step by step instructions on how to maximize your leveling experience while minimizing the time you have to spend doing it. Don't waste any more time while logged in!


Hell and Inferno Guides

This guide covers both Hell and Inferno difficulty levels, teaching you how to kill each boss, complete each quest, etc.


Inferno Farming Guide

Everybody knows that the best gear drops in Inferno, but not everyone knows how to make the most of his time spent there. This section of the guide will teach you the best tips when it comes to farming Inferno as well as show you the best places to farm. You can't make profit digging in the wrong area!

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Fighting

Class Guides

Choosing the right class can be both fun and frustrating at the same time. Wouldn't you hate to pick a cool looking class only to find out that you don't like its playstyle at level 60? Talonz Guide has a dedicated section on classes that will:

  • Help you choose the right class right on the first attempt thanks to detailed descriptions of each.
  • Explain every skill (both passive and active) and every rune in the game.
  • Builds for every level range and situation. Covers both single player builds and multiplayer ones.
  • Cover every class extensively allowing you to master them.


Gold Guide

Just like in real life, currency is extremely valuable in Diablo 3. You need it to buy better gear, repair your existing gear, buy potions, and other necessities. This guide has you covered on this aspect as well by providing you with many methods with which you can obtain gold. "Farming" is just one part of the equation however, which is why this section of the guide also covers mastery over the Auction House.


Don't spend hours trying to find the best farming spots when they are already compiled for you!


Artisan Guide

You may be asking:


"Who needs artisans when monsters drop all the loot?"


You do, that's who! Artisans have very important functions in the game such as combining gems into higher tiers, unsocketing gems from equipment, breaking down equipment, and even crafting high level items including Legendary and Set items! This is exactly why they decided to include a dedicated section on this topic.

Diablo Portrait

Free Blog

This is a feature available to free members too. Talonz Guide has a blog section that is updated with all the latest news regarding the game. Check it out here.


Live Streaming

Talonz, Dusk, and Shokz regularly host streaming sessions that you can watch while learning and discussing with the pros!


Free Updates

This guide is updated at least 2 times a week, making sure it always stays up to date and effective. Not only that, but the creators of Talonz Guide also have a voting system that members can use to request new guides or strategies.



Interact with other guide owners regarding any topic you choose! Given that the forum is already flooded with people, you can usually get answers within minutes.


Are you interested in buying the guide after reading our Diablo 3 Talonz Guide review? Click here to secure your copy for just $9.95!


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