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How to use a Diablo 3 Proxy

Monday, 27 August 2012 05:37 by Admin
How to use a Diablo 3 Proxy

There are many reasons you might need to use a proxy server, but one of the most common is that you want to hide your real IP address. Whatever your reason, in this post I will teach you how to use any kind of proxy, be it Socks V4/V5 or HTTP, with Diablo 3. Unfortunately I don't think this can be done with just Windows so the following tutorial is based upon a free tool called WideCap.


Note: You are probably going to have to buy a shared or private proxy for this to work the best. Public proxies can work, but because of their nature they usually only last a couple of hours/days before going offline. A quick Google search gives lots of sellers, but I suggest SquidProxies from personal experience as they provide an excellent service and offer refunds with no hassle at all.


Step 1 - Download WideCap

Like I mentioned in the introduction, you a re going to need WideCap to accomplish this task. Don't worry, there is no price tag on this program as it is 100% free. As a side note, WideCap is not only used for game, but can proxify any type of software you choose. Download it, install it, then move on to step 2.


Step 2 - Adding the Proxy

After you buy your proxy, you must then add them into the program. WideCap uses a proxy grouping method called "Proxy Chains" that you can use to store multiple proxies in one grouping. While this function was implemented to facilitate using multiple proxies at once, I always suggest you use a single one for Diablo 3. I will go over this further down.


Start out by creating a new chain.

Diablo 3 Proxy

A window will come up asking you for a name. Enter what you want, but for the purposes of this tutorial we are going to name it "Diablo 3 List".


Now we have to populate the chain with our proxy/proxies.

Diablo 3 Proxy

The options you choose here depend on what type of proxy you have. Enter the proxy address in the first textbox, then choose one of the protocols from the selection below and enter the authentication details there (where applicable). After you enter the proxy details, select the chain that we created earlier and hit "OK".


Step 3 - Adding the Application

So we have the proxy put into the program, but we have not yet told it about Diablo 3. To do this, we must "import" the Diablo 3 executable into WideCap. For some reason, "New application" was greyed out for me so instead I had to drag and drop the Diablo 3 icon to the "View programs" section.


Note: Make sure you drag the actual Diablo 3 executable and not the launcher.

Diablo 3 Proxy


Step 4 - Adding the Rule

As a last step, we now have to tell the program how to handle Diablo 3. To do this, we must create a rule and set it up like so:

Diablo 3 Proxy

You can name it what you want, but for clarity we named it Diablo 3 Rule.


Now we have to tell it to use the chain we created earlier:

Diablo 3 Proxy

If you followed my earlier suggestion, you should only have one proxy in the list. In this case, "Choose random proxy" and "Use next proxy in list" have no meaning and can be left unticked. "Allow direct connection.." can be used, but I do not recommend it as it will reveal your real IP address.


Now we have to tell it which requests from Diablo 3 will go through the proxy and which will not. According to the official documentation, leaving it blank means all requests will go through the proxy:


"It's important to remember that "proxy"'s addresses will work if at least one address is defined. Thus if proxy addresses list are empty - any address will match as "proxy address"."

But just to be safe we added "Any" to the proxy list.

Diablo 3 Proxy

The other tabs can be ignored.


After you save the rule, you must now associate it with the application we imported earlier. To do this, go back into the applications tab, and with Diablo 3 selected click "Modify Application".

Diablo 3 Proxy


Step 5 - Testing the Game!

The first time you attempt to log in, you will most likely see this message box:

Diablo 3 Proxy

Don't be alarmed by this window, it is just a Blizzard security protocol. Basically what happens is that the game logs your IP address each time you log in. Now if all your previous IP addresses belonged to your home country (say, Arizona for example), the game will find it suspicions when you suddenly log in from a different country (remember that the Proxy will most likely be hosted in another country). This is exactly why I mentioned you should only use 1 proxy, as if you use multiple you will not only run into this screen a lot, but it might also flag your account.


Getting past this window is easy, just click on the continue button and verify ownership from there (you may have to enter your CD-Key again).


We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Remember that if you need high quality proxies for use with Diablo 3, check out SquidProxies.


If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.


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