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Diablo 3 Mouse Review

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 05:12 by Admin
Diablo 3 Mouse Review

Have you guys heard about the new mouse SteelSeries released for Diablo 3? We purchased our very own one about 3 weeks ago, tested it, and will now give you an unboxing/review combination. Is the mouse good? Does it work well outside gaming? What about looks? Read on to found out!



As you have probably come to expect from SteelSeries products, their packaging is great. Not only is the box very reminiscent of the Diablo universe, but it also acts as a carrier/case for your mouse. Nothing says "hardcore Diablo 3 fan" like taking out this case during a LAN party.

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

The back of the box is pretty much the same as most other products. It lists the mouse's most attractive features in 4 languages.

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

The text is a little hard to read, but I will go over these features and more in the review below.


As you open the box, it will greatly remind you of the game's casing (the non-collector's edition one).

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

On the right side you see your brand new mouse protected by plastic, while on the left you see some artwork of Tyreal along with a description of the mouse (in the same 4 languages you saw at the back of the box). Inside the actual mouse container, you find the following:

  • The mouse
  • A manual (or quick start guide)
  • A SteelSeries catalog showcasing other Blizzard licensed products
  • A SteelSeries sticker

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

As you can see, the mouse simply looks amazing. The packaging contains no CDs whatsoever, so if you want the drivers and firmware updates you will have to visit their official download page. Don't worry though, the default drivers Windows installs is enough for the mouse to work, so you don't need to use a secondary mouse to do this.


The product catalog contains a host of other amazing SteelSeries products such as:


On to the Diablo 3 mouse review!



The first thing I want to mention about this mouse is that it is build using an ambidextrous design. What this basically means is that you can use this mouse regardless if you are left handed or right handed, as it feels comfortable with both. It does take a little getting used to especially if this is your first such mouse, but it is rewarding at the end.


Durability is another big concern for most gamers. If you are anything like me (aka. the stereotypical gamer), then you will most likely be using your mouse a lot. You will find yourself alt-tabbing, chatting, going back to the game, alt tabbing, etc. Bottom line is, you need a gaming mouse if you are a gamer. If you used a cheap mouse and played a lot, you will most likely have had it fail at some point. Failures come in 2 different ways most of the time, either the cable becomes loose and you have to press it in every time for the mouse to work again, or the mouse buttons stop responding. If you think about it, it could actually cost you more if you buy a cheap mouse than an expensive one!


Luckily the SteelSeries Diablo 3 mouse protects against both of these issues. The mouse cable is encased in some very durable double-braided nylon that simply won't break unless you purposely try to do so. As for the clicking, this mouse guarantees a solid 10 million clicks on each button! As an added bonus, the cable is longer then most mouse's and comes with a gold plated USB connection for maximum contact.


Photos don't really do it justice, but here is a picture of said cable:

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

The mouse comes with 7 buttons that you can fully customize using the SteelSeries Engine software (in case you missed the link before, here is the download page). A perfect setup would be to map all six character skills to these buttons and leave the extra one for potions, but most people have found that due to the mouse's ambidextrous design they end up hitting the right buttons accidentally with their 4th finger. I am not saying it isn't possible, but it will require some getting used to.

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

The mouse is also great to look at. Seriously, even if someone has no love for technology or gaming they will still be pleased by this one.

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

It is designed using a simple yet elegant shape with decals as decorations. To top it all of, it even comes with an illuminated "Diablo 3" that glows on and off periodically. To put the cherry on the cake, this mouse also comes with a black matt finish that really gives it that Diablo look. The scrolling wheel is really thick (in a good way) and the plastic on the outside is shaped to look like dragon's scales.


Note: If for some reason you don't like the way the illuminations work, you can configure them from the SteelSeries Engine software. Configurable options are "Intensity" and "Pulsation".

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

Precision is also a big plus for this mouse. Thanks to its laser engine that can go up to 5700 CPI (Counts Per Inch), you can use this mouse not only for Diablo 3 but also for other games like First Person Shooters and sensitive applications like Adobe Photoshop. You can customize 2 presets for the CPI, and then switch between them using the CPI switch button located under the mouse wheel. This is great for on-the-fly configuration.

Diablo 3 Mouse Review

From this screen you can also change the mouse's polling rate if you wish to.



The only thing I didn't like about this mouse is that the clicking noise is a little loud when compared to other mouses. This can be a problem for people who play games while other people sleep in the same room, especially with click intensive games like Diablo 3. Overall though, I really think this mouse will be loved by most gamers. I do not think it's worth it upgrading from an already good gaming mouse (unless it's close to death), but it sure as hell is if you are using a cheap mouse. Trust me on this one, when you upgrade from your regular "standard" mouse to a gaming mouse such as this, the difference will be incredible.


We hope you enjoyed this Diablo 3 mouse review. This amazing piece of hardware is currently being offered at around $60 on Amazon, which is average for gaming mouses. Interested? Click here!

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