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Thieves Steal over $12,000 Worth of Diablo 3 Copies!

Monday, 1 October 2012 12:17 by Admin
Thieves Steal over $12,000 Worth of Diablo 3 Copies!

Here is something you don't hear everyday. A story published by Wane explains how 2 men stole over $12,000 worth of copies of Diablo 3 from more than 20 Walmart stores in Ohio and Indiana, giving the Walmart slogan "Save money. Live better." a whole new meaning. The thieves that later became known as the "Diablo Suspects" obtained a key that can be used to unlock the anti-theft system used by Walmart known as Spiderwire. According to the original article, the couple were able to simply use the key and unlock the Spiderwire device, which as I have come to understand is the only form of protection Walmart uses. We don't have Walmart where I come from, so it's all guess work from me!


Here are the photos Walmart released in hope that someone recognizes the 2 men:

Diablo Thieves

Diablo Thieves

Diablo Thieves

The 2 thieves have been identified on the 27th September and are now awaiting prosecution. They are apparently both from Fort Wayne, although their identities have not been published.


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